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The Easy Saddle Hanger

The bespoke Easy Saddle Hanger is handcrafted by Qualified Saddler Rachel from British bridle leather making it both a practical and durable addition to your tack box. 

  • Perfect to hang your saddle on whilst tacking up instead of leaning against a wall or putting on to a stable door.

  • It helps save space in the tack room or narrow walkways as it doesn't stick out.

  • It comes in very handy when you're out at clinic/lessons, especially if you're on your own.

  • It takes up no space in the trailer or horsebox.

  • Perfect for saddle stockists/saddle fitters to display saddles in tack shops or events.

  • Comes with own storage pouch.

  • Available in either Dark Havanna or Black.

To Note

As with any saddle hanger/rack care must be taken when placing the saddle against any surface, especially if uneven, to prevent leather damage. The only part of the saddle that touches the surface when using the saddle hanger is the bottom edge of the saddle flap. Take care when placing the saddle or use a saddle cover.

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The Saddle Hanger

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