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The Perfect Fit Kit

The Perfect Fit Kit

Your horse will often change shape without you realising which can affect the fit of your horse’s saddle. All of these changes can be due to the time of year, a change in workload or schooling, a change in turnout, or a return to work after an injury.

This kit allows you to monitor your horse’s back as it changes in shape, and will help you identify when you need to call out your Qualified Saddle Fitter for a check or new saddle. Or your Qualified Saddler for a top-up or full reflock.

The Perfect Fit Kit is YOUR tool to check your saddle ensuring the perfect saddle fit. It allows you to measure your horse, to monitor any change in shape and to keep a record of your saddle fit or to assist you when buying your next saddle. This kit will give you the right information to discuss with your saddle fitter and learn about important aspects of saddle fitting.

Purchase your kit today and continue to monitor changes by using the simple to use template kit to ensure your horse is happy and comfortable.

The kit contains:

detailed instructions on use

a flexible curve


3 x template cards (wither, cantle, back)

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